Mykonos: The cosmopolitan “island of winds”

Mykonos is a fashionable and bohemian vacation spot in Greece, where perfect snow-white houses with colorful windows pierce through the rocky shores. It offers a crystal clear sea, like a reflection of the bright blue sky, and beaches like secluded corners with sparkling golden sand. Formerly, Mykonos was one of the poorest islands in Greece, and now it is a magnet for millionaires, celebrities, models, and party animals. Madonna, Nicholas Cage, Sophia Loren, Rihanna, and Leonardo DiCaprio love to rest in this relaxed and welcoming place.

Mykonos is famous for numerous myths, in one of which Poseidon breaks the land into dozens of small Cycladic Islands with his trident. Ancient temples and churches, windmills, and romantic winding streets are scattered all over the resort. A truly festive and luxurious island of regular hangouts and a cozy Greek atmosphere is a desirable destination for any traveler.


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