La Repubblica – Holidays in Greece: Ideal destinations in August – Astypalea at the top of Greek destinations

La Repubblica – Holidays in Greece: Ideal destinations in August – Astypalea at the top of Greek destinations
Greece as the global ideal place for holidays

Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” published a veritable ode to the Greek summer through a new tribute which states that “it is no exaggeration to define Greece as the globally ideal place for vacations with more than 200 dreamy islands and a nation that it is the cradle of Western civilization and the home of democracy”

After careful reflection, the newspaper suggests the most valuable “unknown treasures” of Greece that suit the special interests of Italian travelers.

Among proposals from among the Cyclades, the Dodecanese and the Ionian Islands, Astypalea is in first place.

According to the article, the “Butterfly of the Aegean” is a “paradise” of historical monuments, picturesque villages, wonderful beaches, incomparable gastronomy and fine local products, such as honey, and at the same time offers unique experiences to walkers and nature lovers.

The paper also emphasized that Astypalea is the only island that will “guide” visitors to the future of sustainability through the pioneering “green” project that is being implemented. But visitors can just as easily “travel” to the past and to the only ancient infant cemetery in the world dating back tens of centuries, to the Geometric period, before the Classical Era.

“The quality of services, the range of alternative options, the authenticity, the natural beauty, the green initiatives and our actions to improve accessibility have contributed to the expansion of the tourist season with greater travel flows from Greece and abroad,” the Mayor of Astypalea, Nikos Komineas characteristically noted, in a related announcement.


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